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    Some printing hiccups when printing with booklet printing page scaling


      I've got this weird issue where some things just refuse to be printed  when I select 'Booklet Printing'.  In my printer settings I have  landscape orientation, duplex turned off, staple 2 at center, and 11x17  paper selected.


      First of all, I have a line on the first page  (created in word and converted) that will not print.  The rest of the  text surrounding it prints just fine, but that line will not show up.


      I  had some grey text that refused to print on the last page, so I got rid  of it.  The blue text and image logo prints just fine on that page.


      Now  I have a page that refuses to print alltogether - I just printed this  page by itself on 8.5 x 11 paper and it prints just fine.  I've also  sucessfully printed this page, in booklet format, on many other  documents.


      Printing as an image did get the trouble  page to print, but the logo is cut in half on the mentioned last page  and the line on the cover is still not visible.


      I've been using Acrobat 9 to throw these together but printing from either Acrobat or Reader results in the same issues.


      Any idea how to fix this?