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    Central Pro Output X LiveCycle Output

    Marcos J Pinto Level 1



      A client would like to buy Central Pro Output to generate PDF files. So I suggested they should go for LC Output, as the previous one is about to be discontinued in 2016.


      So they told me their other plants in Japan, Europe and USA use the older solution (I'm in Brazil). So I insisted they should give LiveCycle a try.

      One of their concerns is if LiveCycle is capable of generating PDFs in a format that is compatible with the ones generated by Central Pro Output.


      I know nothing about the previous solution but I guess there would be no compatibility problems at all.


      Please, do you guys comfirm this? What other ideas should I use to convince them to chosse LiveCycle?


      Thank you for any ideas.





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          Neal G. Davies Level 2

          The best way to get a measure of the differences between Central Pro and LC Output ES is here

          http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/livecycle/pdfs/lces2_central_migration.pd f


          They are different products and they both generate valid PDF but obviously it will differ if you look below the surface; the 2 products also use different design tools for developing document temples; I wonder if it is more that aspect and the server architecture differences that the client is asking you about.


          Based on what you are saying; I wonder if the client is simply adding a country to a worldwide roll out of Central Pro technology; if they have a strategy that is currently around deploying Central Pro in additional countries then this is a legitimate approach and Adobe continues to sell licenses exactly for this type of situation. As well their IT department may be telling them they have to buy Central Pro for all kinds of internal reasons.


          If it is a comply new development in Brazil; then LC Output ES is a better choice as LiveCycle is a growing technology that enterprises can leverage moving forward where as the current Central Pro 5.7 version as you point out will be end of support in mid 2016; but if they are being told they need to acquire Central Pro licenses as part of a worldwide application roll out then that is a legitimate approach. Hopefully head office / IT has a longer term plan to move the LC Output ES over time.


          You contact me directly at ndavies@adobe.com to discuss in more detail if you wish.