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    Spark List scrolling

    brian914 Level 1

      I would like to scroll my spark list, but would like to do so from an outside scrollbar/buttons. Reason I want this, is that I would like the scroll buttons to be on the left and right of the list and not below and I don't want the scroll track. How can I do this?


      <s:List id="thumbList" width="100%" height="80" cacheAsBitmap="true"
                <s:HorizontalLayout columnWidth="150" gap="15"/>


      I was thinking I could potentially have a separate HScrollbar and scroll the list from it, but am having a hard time with this.


      <s:HScrollBar id="thumbListScroller" width ="100%" viewport="{thumbList}"/>


      My question is, can I do that? Or would it be better to keep the scroller that comes with list and skin it so this works. How can I remove the scrolltrack and move the buttons vertical center with the list?


      Thanks a lot for any help with this!