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    aspect ration issue - please help


      rookie question:


      I am using Premiere Pro CS5.  I am also using photos that are taken from a Nikon camera.


      When I drag the pictures into PP, the aspect ratio on the pics are always 1.0. I am trying to generate 1280 x 720 clips. None of the sequences are in 1.0.


      When I render, the images are all stretched out. I know it is simple but what can I do? I try dragging the pic into the "create sequence" and a menu box open up but nothing to really change and the ration stays the same. Do I need to change the ratio? if so how and if I do not, how can I get the images not to looked stretched out?


      I have Windows 7.0 /64 bit

      6gig ram

      I7 processor.


      Thanks for your help,





      I hope I asked the question correctly.

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          SFL46 Level 3

          The pixel ratio for most still cameras is 1.0.  If you drag the picture to the new sequence icon, PP will set up a sequence that matches the pixel ratio and size of the the dragged image--which is not ratio or size you want.  Worse yet, PP is going to try to stretch the image to fit the dimensions of your sequence.


          What you need to do before dragging these images, is open them in Photoshop first.  There you need to set the pixel ratio (under the IMAGE menu drop down) to the desired pixel ratio for your sequence.  Then you need to resize the image using the crop tool to 1280 x 720 pixels (note the crop tool dailog box for image resolution is irrelevant).  This will give you an image of the correct dimensions and pixel ratio.  Save the image and then import to PP.



          Here's my workflow for HDV sequence--you'lll need to modify appropriately

          1. Set the color working space to NTSC in the preferences
          2. change the image mode to 16 bit
          3. apply some sharpening
          4. adjust color balance/levels/saturation
          5. flatten image
          6. change the image pixel ratio to HDV
          7. change the mode back to 8 bit
          8. save as PSD for input to PrPro.
          9. use crop tool to resize to 1440 x 1080
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            Woo00f102261 Level 1

            awesome, nice answer.