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    Request for Test on Mac: Wrapper function for LrTask.execute

    Lichtzeichenanlage Level 1



      I've written some basic wrapper functions for LrTasks.execute to handle spaces. I've tested that stuff with windows xp and exiftool and would like to ask you to test it for mac os and perhaps win 7 with whatever command. Is that possible?




      In the zip file you will find the basic classes and some description but no info.lua or a special test script (sry for that). You can call it like:


           local args = {"-@", inputFileName, imageFileName}
           local redirect = {}
           redirect.stdout = LrPathUtils.getStandardFilePath('temp') .. "exiftool.stdout" 
           redirect.stderr = LrPathUtils.getStandardFilePath('temp') .. "exiftool.stderr" 
           local result = LZA_System.execute(pathToExiftool, args, redirect)
           logger:info("result.formatedCmd: " .. tostring(result.formatedCmd))
           logger:info("result.returnCode: " .. tostring(result.returnCode))
           logger:info("result.success: " .. tostring(result.success))
           logger:info("result.stdout: " .. tostring(result.stdout))
           logger:info("result.stderr: " .. tostring(result.stderr))


      Example is not runable!


      Kind regards