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    Help with changeHandler

    jeffelkins Level 1

      protected function bill_changeHandler(event:TextOperationEvent):void
              // examine bill.text and process

      <s:TextInput id="bill" x="150" y="17" width="223" borderColor="#FFFBFB" borderVisible="false" change="bill_changeHandler(event)" color="#EF4315" contentBackgroundColor="#100101" enabled="true" fontWeight="bold" text=""/>




      The code above works fine when bill.text 's value is entered via device keyboard. The value of bill.text is examined as each character is added to it.  My program also has a soft keypad for data entry, but when its used the function is never called.


      Is there a way to trigger the process, so the function gets called when bill.text is altered, no matter how?