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    Smallest file size for talking head, MPEG1?


      Hey friends, back again, still using PRE8.


      I have to encode a talking head into a watchable quality for a podcast. Prefer between 320x240 and 640x480, prefer the later. I inadvertently tried some combination of VCD 352x240 and got an amazingly small file size that looked tollerable....and no audio (that part not so good). I cannot figure out what I did, though I probably started out with VCD setting and modified one of the video or audio characteristics, multiplexer (who knows).


      The file output was a m1v and was under 99MB for an hour and a half. Other formats have all been a gig or so.


      Sure, no audio is a lot smallar (don't think I disabled audio, smarter than THAT) but I can't seem to get any kind of m1v file again, pref with the audio.


      Any thoughts?


      While this will be viewed on a PC, we don't have a lot of bandwidth or storage space available currently. Fortunately, only graphics are at the start and end and don't have to be sharp, there is no whiteboard or other hard to encode detail.



      Thanks a lot


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Apparently this is for the web, right? (Because you mentioned a podcast.)


          Have you tried Premiere Elements' podcast setting?


          Otherwise, how about a web quality 320x240 WMV or MOV?

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            whereisthemanual Level 1

            Yup Steve, for the web.


            I have tried everything twice by now, and can't seem to get it to produce a m1v file again............

            You know what? Think I just figured it out.


            I did a search of files with my working file name after creating an mpg (which is all I seem to be able to get, even with VCD settings. Anyway, I picked up the m1v file from who knows what directory. It MAY be that the m1v file is created by PRE8 in the process of creating the mpg, and left in one of its working directories, for re-use later. PRE8 probably never intended that to be used, because it's a video-only WORKING file...Make sense?


            It's hard to believe, a working video file for a 800meg mpg is 99meg. and looks pretty good.  Add audio and it balloons to 800 meg? Makes no sense.


            The best I can do is around 500 meg for a mpeg, and in generating a mp4, PRE8 does not change the predicted file size when you change the frame rate and hardly at all with the resolution. In mpeg 1 there is a big difference, as expected.


            Unfortunately cant use flash either.


            It would be nice if there was a chart someplace that gave you file size comparrisons for the various encoders and options!



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The challenge is that many codecs are variable -- so, for instance, a 320x240 WMV file could be 10 megs or 100 megs, depending on what bitstream level you're using and what quality level it's set at.