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    Getting the mapID html link to do what I want...


      Hi folks...this may seem like a very narrow question, but, here goes.




      is the mapID link I've created. What I'm trying to do is set that link up so it shows the full navigation pane in addition to the article. Right now it links straight to the article without the "Show" link coming up. I don't know what the proper HTML is to make sure that the full browser site navigation appears when the mapID is clicked.


      http://support.myhalpsite.com/en/HalpHalpGuide/Halp_Guide_#Chapter_1_-_Introduction_to_Hal p/1.1_Halp_Release_Notes.htm


      ...will automatically do what I want it to do; I'm hoping someone has a bit of HTML code miracle that has the same result as the second HTML link, only with a mapID.


      Is there a command that can be included in the link that will automatically take the user to the link that says "Show" still using the mapID number? We really want the mapID function to work, but with the inclusion of the nav bars without forcing the user to click "SHOW" to see the full site navigation setup.