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    email-submit question


      This is my LiveCycle environment:

      LiveCycle ES 2.5, SP2.  Turnkey (Windows / JBoss / MySQL). 

      Trial download from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/trial.html?promoid=GYFSE

      Client (user) computer has IE and Reader.  no Acrobat Pro.



      This is what I have working:

      a PDF form, it has several Text fields, a couple of Signature fields.

      I can pre-fill a couple of text fields, using Start Point's Action Profile, Prepare Data process.

      At start point's Action Profile, I have PDF and Reader Extend selected.

      In the WorkSpace runtime, the Initiator can fill the form, Sign the signature field and submit, the workitem gets to the next person in the workflow no problem;

         the next person can fill some other text fields and Sign the 2nd Signature field and submit, no problem.

      I have configured the email, the users did received the Task Notification emails, no problem.



      This is what I want to add to it:

      I want the users be able to Submit the form outside of the WorkSpace, by using the email-submit to submit the PDF form that's attached to the Task Notification emails.  Once the user submits it by email, the process continues onto the next step automatically.



      Here's the problem:

      I have been told by many sources, that in order to do this, I will need to drag the "Process Fields" block onto the form.

      I did that and I tested it in the WorkSpace. (since I still want it to work within the WorkSpace environment)

      The Initiator can submit the form alright,

      but the next person in the workflow, and the persons after; when they open the form in the WorkSpace, they don't see a PDF form, they see a XML page that has the form data.



      How do I get this to work?  Please advise.



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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          What Action Profile and assets are you using for the subsequent steps?



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            ace6699 Level 1

            The Start Point has a Document variable as the output, and the subsequent steps just use that Document variable.  There's no asset or Action Profile specified for the subsequent steps.   ( I think I'll lose the Signature if I specify Assets for the subsequent steps instead of using the Document variable, correct?)


            Actually, I got PDF form displayed for the subsequent steps last night, no more XML pages. 

            I suspect it's because I only kept one Submit button (the one in the Process Fields) before, it worked when I kept both Submit buttons on the form... am I right?

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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

              That's your probelm. The submit button on the form is probably configured to submit XDP data. You then put that data in a document variable and use it for the rest of the process.


              You just need to make sure the submit button submits PDF and not XDP data.



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                ace6699 Level 1

                I don't think I have gotten it right still.


                On the one that's "working", it has the Process Fields (which includes a button called AWS_Submit),

                it has another submit button called "PDF_Submit" and this one has the "submit as PDF" set.


                It's all working fine in the WorkSpace.


                However, when I saved the PDF attachment in the Notification Email,

                opened it with Reader X (10.0.0),

                it says at least one signature was Invalid !


                also, it only showed the "PDF_submit" button, not the button in the Process Fields block.


                obviously, I was not able to submit this by email.


                What could have caused this?  and how to fix it?



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                  Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

                  You want only one submit button on your form otherwise it might be confused.


                  I would remove all the submit buttons and the process fields and start from scratch.


                  Add the process fields again. The visible button with the label submit is just a regular button that will invoke the hidden submit button (AWS_Submit). Configure the hidden submit button to submit PDF.


                  That should be all you need to do. No need to add multiple submit buttons.



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                    ace6699 Level 1

                    Yes indeed!  You solved all the problems.


                    I have read your Blog at   http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2010/11/how-to-complete-a-task-via-email-using-reply-to-c omplete.html#comment-636  too, and that's working great also.


                    Thanks very much!