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    CS5 time remapping issues

    mtwjames Level 1

      I have two problems with Premiere CS5 time remapping causing errors


      When I apply a normal speed change using the duration box from the pull down menu, the speed does change and the clip plays fine.


      When I apply the time remapping feature from the timeline, the clip either plays at the normal 100%speed and ignores the keyframes or it plays an altogehter different clip.


      I am editing HD footage 1920x1080 from a Sony Z1u captured via blackmagic intesity as motion jpeg.


      If I change the duration of the clip to 101% the keyframes are applied but the video is choppy and impossible to watch.


      The problem is unique to CS5 as far as I can tell, I used CS3 before with the same setup and that function was fine, but I have some avchd footage in this project and so I switched to cs5.


      comp specs


      Intel Core 2 quad

      8GB ram

      Win 7

      1TB system drive

      2TB raid 0 data drive.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Have you installed the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update?


          Are you using frame blending?

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            mtwjames Level 1

            HI Todd,


            Thanks for your reply.


            I have installed the 5.0.2 update and have tried the frame blending fix.  I have also replaced the drivers for my Black Magic Card.


            I am beginning to believe that the problem is related to the Balck Magic Intesity Pro.  If I create a sequence that does not use the card,even though the video is 1920x1080 i mjpeg the remapped video is exactly what I wanted.  I did have to find a setting that worked for the fram size of the captured video, but once in place it worked out fine although I lost my ability to have an external monitor with the BM card.


            I am going to export a short clip to test the theory


            Thanks a lot for taking the time to view my post.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              I am editing HD footage 1920x1080 from a Sony Z1u captured via blackmagic intesity as motion jpeg.


              This is a strange workflow for a HDV camera. Capturing HDV (1440 x 1080) and converting it to another resolution and another codec. Why don't you try a more common approach: Capture HDV, edit in a HDV sequence and then export to MJPEG or whatever you need.

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                mtwjames Level 1

                Thanks for your post Harm.  It is good to see that you still troll the forums.  You have helped me several times in the past.


                Using the blackmagic card solves a couple of problems.  ( in theory)


                First it gives you a true 1920x1080 video capture instead of of the hdv space.


                Secondly the mjpg functions as an intermediate so that the processor does not have to decompress the footage from hdv on the fly, and it takes up less HD space than 8bit uncompressed would.


                In addition the BM card allows for HD monitoring on an external HD TV and surround sound system for 5.1 audio.


                I have discovered a workaround for the time issue, and that is to apply an affect to the clip and it forces premiere to render the clip and that seems to fix the time issue.


                The black magic website probably explains this better than I can.  But under CS3 which I moved from a few months ago, the combination really worked well.

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                  mtwjames Level 1

                  Hi Todd,


                  I have found a workaround to the time mapping issue,

                    I can apply a null type effect such as contrast to the clip and premiere will then render the clip including time remapping.  I don't quite understand why that works.  The out put video is fine with very smooth motion.


                  thanks again