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    Switching FLV source file mid-playback


      Good afternoon everyone,


      I hope that someone with more experience than myself is able to help me out with this problem:


      I have a number of different videos (all of the same duration and resolution) encoded with almost the same content - however they have different colour schemes, etc., and I require my FLV player to be able to switch seamlessly between them.


      That is, if the player is currently playing "test1.flv" and the user presses the 'switch' button, I want to switch over to playing "test2.flv" in the same player, picking up at the same point in time.


      I used to have a server-side solution that could fake this, but that isn't a long-term solution. Might I ask how you experts would handle something like this?


      Do I need Flash Media Server, or can it be done with just Flash?


      Thanks in advance.