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    Very Strange behavior from buttons AS2


      Working on the following site http://www.socialanimal.tv/


      On the "What we Do" page (one click to the right) each company logo is linked using the Action Script 2 below.  Only the "Zipfizz" button works though.  The rest of the buttons only work very rarely.  I made a stock button from a white box then turned the opacity to 0.  Put one over every logo with the proper dimensions and gave them the right instance names.  If you click the logo repeatedly in different areas the link will sometimes work.


      Anyone have an idea what's going on? I not very familiar with AS2, only AS3 but the site was built by another designer awhile ago.





      zip_btn.onRelease = function(){


          getURL("http://www.socialanimal.tv/zipfizz", "_new");




      oreilly_btn.onRelease = function(){


          getURL("http://www.socialanimal.tv/oreilly", "_new");




      filter_btn.onRelease = function(){


          getURL("http://www.socialanimal.tv/filter", "_new");




      voice_btn.onRelease = function(){


          getURL("http://www.socialanimal.tv/voice", "_new");




      ace_btn.onRelease = function(){


          getURL("http://www.socialanimal.tv/ace", "_new");




      scion_btn.onRelease = function(){


          getURL("http://www.socialanimal.tv/scion", "_new");



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Except for using "_new", which I believe should be "_blank" since the help documents don't list "_new" as an option for the window argument, the code is otherwise fine.  So if you change that and the buttons still don't work, then the problem is more likely with how the buttons are laid out in the file.  There should only be one keyframe for them all that extends for whatever length of the timeline that they are used within.