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    guidance!!! I've already researched and still need help!


      I just installed the new snow leopard onto my computer. I did all the research necessary for this and just today I purchased the CS5 Master Collection. When I go to my applications folder, After Effects and Premiere Pro icons are missing. I have searched for them on my hard drive and they are not there. I put the installation back in to see if it just did not get installed, but saw that it was. It never asked for the serial number of the product when I initially installed the cd.

      I then went on google and searched the issue, I checked other adobe forums and all I am getting is that I need to put my computer into "safe mode" and install Rosetta. I do not think either of these steps are necessary since I have a brand new computer. Can anyone help me with this? I have all the other icons for the other programs just not for after effects or premiere pro. Thank you!