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    How to use the Wire-Tag in Cairngorm 3 Observer Library?

    masuland Level 1

      Hi there,


      Actually, I posted my issue in the Parsley Forum already:




      Could you please provide in the Cairngorm SVN a small coding example which explains how to use the Wire-Tag in the Observer Library? Dont find any working code example out there and for some reasons I can't get the Wire-Tag working with Parsley 2.3.1 ... Any hints?


      Right now, I am trying to find an alternative approach to the [Publish] and [Subscribe] tag in Parsley, see my code examples:


      Flex 4 (Halo) Login Example with Parsley 2.3.1 (MVCb)



      Flex 4 (Gumbo) Religion Chooser with Parsley 2.3.1 (MVCb)



      Thanks for your help,