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    Typelag happens in big projects. AKA 38,325 lines of code.

    GoodNewsJim Level 1

      My machine runs very fast in all other applications, it is a gaming computer that runs Starcraft 2 smoothly on the highest settings.


      I'm writing a very big application in Flash.  It is well on its way to being a MMORPG.  I have hundreds of classes, but my biggest class has really off the charts type lag.  My biggest class is 38,325 lines of code.


      Now every time I type, it tries to highlight words in grey for some reason.  I think every letter I type, it searches the entire 38,325 lines of code for that word in order to highlight all cases of it.


      take a look at this picture and how "hud" is highlighted


      LINK: http://www.goodnewsjim.com/images/slowdown_FB4.png


      As I move the cursor around and edit, I often times get 1-5 seconds of slowdown, sometimes I even get 20 seconds of type lag where the Flash Builder temporarily says "Not Responding in the window bar".  This happens all of the results of me typing letters, moving arrow keys or pressing delete or backspace.

      For small edits, I can wait 20 seconds to edit one word, but when I work a lot on my code, I have to open an external editor like Scite, but the alt-tabbing consumes time, and there is a mouseclick to reload the .as file.  I would like to use Flash Builder 4 for editing my code, after all that is what an IDE should be able to do if anything.  An IDE should at the very least be no worse than a generic text editor.


      Please tell me how I can disable Flash Builder 4 from trying to highlight words in grey. I think this is what is causing my typelag.  I've turned off code hints.