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    External SWF Issue

    wubba Level 1
      Hello to all, I am a Novice to actionscript so please bare with me… Unsure where my issue lies so I have posted this thread also in Dreamweaver Forums.

      I have a Parent SWF (Main Menu) which plays an External SWF (Extended Menu) inside it from a button release. Works fine when testing & publishing in Flash.

      The problem is when I test in HTML using Dreamweaver. I have my HTML Root folder and from the Root folder, all images & SWF’s are stored in “assets/images/”.
      When setup like this, the Parent SWF plays inside the HTML but the External SWF does not play inside the Parent SWF.

      If I place these SWF’s in the HTML Root folder & fix source links accordingly it works!?
      Do I need to put an address in the actionscript for it to locate the External SWF? When stored in a separate folder to theHTML files or is this a Dreamweaver issue?

      Any help greatly appreciated!