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    Adobe Reader X 3D performance issues


      hi all.

      since a while i develop 3D scenes within the adobe reader. yesterday i updated my version 9.4 to the current one X. if i now start the reader and press the option "show in floating window" in the 3d scene i get a real big perfomance problem. objects in the scene can't move, animations doesn't work and even a change of the camera takes a little eternity. if the scene is not in a floating window everything ist fine. the floating window in the reader 9.0 to 9.4 does a great job but not in the version X.


      has anyone an idea what the problem could be?


      best regards


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          For me, 3D scenes can be viewed fine in Reader X without any performance issues in floating window.

          Which platform are you using?

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            frankbr Level 1

            hi thanks for yout quick answer,

            did you use the option right-klick --> "show in floating window". did this really work fine? i tried it on 3 pcs all using windows 7 64bit...

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              rdrXuser Level 1

              I am using Win 7 Ultimate, 64 bit. After enabling 3D content, I used the option Right click> View in Floating Window and things were fine for me.

              Are you trying to view the PDF over some slow network connection? Perhaps that might be causing some performance issue.

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                frankbr Level 1

                hi again,

                yesterday i tried it on several machines (win xp, vista, win 7): all the same. i don't use any network connection. i load the pdf local on my machine and open it

                let me explain the problem a little more in detail:

                • problem is in the floating window from the 3d scene
                • back in the normal view the problem is in the normal view as well (before then it wasn't in normal view)
                • adobe seems to have a real performance issue while rendering scene in the floating window
                  • animations took too long
                  • while animation running or the view of camera changes the objects to render mostly will set to transparent (sign that adobe hasn't enough power to show object....) and all settings take too long
                  • smooth rendering options are disabled


                still don't know any solution...

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                  Can you please share more information:

                  1. Are you facing this problem for some specific 3D files or all files ?

                  2. What are the "3D and Multimedia" preferences that you are using ?

                  Please provide this information and I hope I would be able to help you.

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                    frankbr Level 1

                    hey sorry for the late answer - lot of work...

                    i solved the problem myself: in the 3d properties i selected under default renderer "directx 8". still works a little bit slow but better than directx9.

                    currently i'm using the reader 9 again with directx 9 activated...

                    but thanks for your posts and if i get new perceptions i'm going to write them down here

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