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    Blackmagic Presets


      We are having problems setting up a HD 1080 timleline in premiere pro cs5. The included Decklink presets are not in 25p. When we try to change an existing preset (for example the 23.97s preset in the Digital SLR category) to 25p we don't have any preview anymore.

      Not on the external monitor,  not inside Premiere and the playhead does not even move.

      The HD720 presets work, when we change them to 25p. (We also do not have any problems in After Effects and FCP.)


      Hardware: MacPro 2 x 2,6 GHz 6-Core, 24MB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5870 + Decklink Extreme PCi


      Any suggestions anyone?




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          tkreuer Level 1

          Meanwhile I got an answer from Blackmagic Design, which I wanted to share with you:


          At the moment, we do not yet support 1080p25 playback from Premiere Pro CS5
          on Mac OSX systems. 1080p support for this card is a relatively new
          development, and it has not yet been implemented for all applications.

          Other software like our own Media Express can work with this format, as it

          works directly with our driver and API.

          You should be able to get playback of 1080p25 material, as 1080i50, using

          the relevant sequence settings. It is possible in the future we will be able
          to support 1080p25 playback from Premiere, however I could not say at this
          time when this may be.




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            shooternz Level 6

            Try a native PPRO Preset instead