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    Uninstall Audition 3 from Mac OSX


      I have some problems with ADOBE AUDITION 3 for Mac (Freq analyzer is blockin Audition 3 so I must Force Quit application.) I installed Audition 3 on another Mac and works fine for now. How to remove files on this mac so Adobe audition can be reinstalled?



      You did a good job for now


      (I've been using Cool edit and Adobe audition from the very beginning)

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          I'm assuming you're talking about the Audition 4 for Mac Public beta and not Audition 3.


          Audition 3 only runs on Windows: System requirements.


          To remove the public beta, all you need to do is delete the application (.app file) from your system.

          If you want to remove the preferences, just delete this folder ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Audition


          We'd like to know why you're having problems with the Freq analyzer, however.

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            VIBAC1 Level 1

            Probelem were these:


            I have been using Adobe audition since it came out, but in windows as sample editor with mostly Steinberg products. But three years ago I got Intel Mac pro where I deal with Windows as well as Mac Osx. I did that because of Logic pro that is surely the best DAW I have ever dealth with. But all this time I needed external sample editor to work wit Logic pro (because Sound pro editor doesn't have performances that I have been used to use in Adobe audition.) So, I was very happy when I installed Beta version of Audition 4 for mac. I put it as external editor in Logic pro and everything worked fine until I opened a wave file from Logic through Audition as external editor. I opened freq analyzer in audition, found what I was interested in and quit Audition. Logic pro updated that wave file, as it was supposed to. But when I opened Audition again, and try freq analyzer, Audition blocked, became "Not reponding" and I had to Force quit Audition. From then, whenever I tried Freq Analyzer, the sam thing happened.

            So I deleted Pref files, installed Audition again and, thank god, found out what was wrong. When we use Audition freq analyzer, we must not quit Audition before we Close file that we are dealing with in Audition from Logic pro. If we close file and then quit Audition, Logic will update file immediatelly, and Audition works fine without any problem.


            So thank you very much.


            I also had some problems with VST and AU native plugins. (Tracks, DuY and Sonnox - they work fine with Logic Pro 9 and Digital performer7.2)


            Thanks again