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    Not able to cast object in dataprovider  to VO

    nikos101 Level 2

      What are the conditions to be able to cast like this:


          <s:DropDownList prompt="Select user" labelField="name" id="users" width="240"  skinClass="nikos.skins.comboBoxDropDown_Long_blueGrad">
                      appUserChanged.dispatch(users.selectedItem as model.vo.User);





      the fields in the objects in the dataprovider match with User but I'm still getting null after the cast.


      package model.vo
          public class User
              public var SAMAccountName:String;
              public var name:String;
              public var email:String;
              public var commentsView:Boolean;
              public var commentsUsersSelect:Boolean;
              public var ratingsView:Boolean;
              public var dateCreated:Boolean;