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    how to import a richly formatted html text to textflow with importer?

    saariko Level 1

      hey all


      i am trying this:


      open google docs, new document, and type in:

      hello world


      (world bolded)


      then download it as html(zipped)


      i unzip the html file, and save it to the assets folder in src folder of my Flex app


      i have a Spark:TextArea instance and i want to do:


          var importer:ITextImporter = TextConverter.getImporter(TextConverter.TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT);

          myTextArea.textFlow = importer.importToFlow(htmlSource);


      where htmlSource should point to the saved html file somehow


      how do i do this? i tryed embedding, converting to ByteArrayAsset and to String, but i always get the source of the html file and not it's rendered rich text (ie "hello world).


      this is what i c at runtime:


      Untitled documentol{margin:0;padding:0}p{margin:0}.c0{color:#000000;font-size:11pt;font-family:Ari al;font-weight:bold}.c3{line-height:1.15;text-indent:0pt;direction:ltr}.c2{color:#000000;f ont-size:11pt;font-family:Arial}.c1{background-color:#ffffff}

      hello world



      am i clear?

      any help?