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    Adobe Reader X fails to load AATL through Proxy (Mac)


      Hi all


      I'm working under Mac OS X 10.6.5. I just upgraded to Adobe Reader X (10.0.0).


      After installation I have just the Adobe Root CA installed. The update of the trust list as described in http://www.adobe.com/security/pdfs/aatl-faq.pdf silently failed without error and no entry in any system log file in my office environment. We have a HTTP(S) proxy and direct HTTP(S) traffic denied by firewall rules.


      My system configuration is correct, other applications are using the proxy.


      Wireshark shows, that Adobe Reader directly tries to access a local AKAMI Server (all80.g.akami.net, without going through the configured proxy.


      There are two issues:


      1. An error should be reported if there is no connection possible.
      2. The connection should be using the proxy configured in the system network setup


      The Windows version handles this correctly.


      I hope, anybody from Adobe reads this thread


      Kind regards