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    Opacity weirdness after encode

    Bucketheadd Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I have a project with a PiP (picture in picture). Basically as the first frame is 100 scale and 100% opacity, the second frame is 25 scale and 50% opacity. They both increase and decrease constantly (every minute or so) and their opacities also change at that time. Also, the main frame and the PiP frame will cross fade at the exact same times.


      Everything looks perfect in the timeline but after I encode, the PiP frame will kind of blink once right as it is cross fading. What I mean is that it doesn't transistion that well and it is noticable. Basically it seems like the opacity at that time is jumpy, even though its fine in the timeline.


      This problem varies slightly each encode, in terms of exact timing of problem areas.







      59 MB file size

      AVCHD footage encoding to .WMV NTSC widescreen source to high quality download

      two-pass variable unconstrained

      Codec: Windows Media Player V7

      Use maximum render quality, Use previews, and Use frame blending ALL CHECKED.


      Thanks in advance