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    Placement of HD's

    Jay Knobbe Level 1

      I am trying to figure out if there is a specific placement for the drives I'm installing in my HAF 932 case..


      I have the following drives I'll be using with my Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Mobo


      1 WD Velicoraptor 300gb for the OS / Programs

      4 Spinpoint 1TB F3's that I want to put in 2 Raid 0's

      1 WD 2TB Caviar Black for Media & Music

      1 WD 1 TB Caviar Black for Media (May not use this drive


      I can put 5 of the drives in the slide out cages on the side and 2 drives through the front to be screwed in place. The question is which drives where?


      This is my first build, I've spent way too much money and I'm starting to freak a bit.


      Your advice is appreciated.