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    Light but good camera advice

    Missteach Level 1

      Hello - A friend of mine is travelling to K2 in a few weeks for a 'gentle' climb and early next year to Antartica.


      He wants to film as much as possible in these two extreme conditions.  On his return, I'll be editing it all together for him with PPCS5.  He wants advice concerning the best movie camera to take for these very cold conditions.


      Any sugestions folks? Cost is not a concern to him.  His only preference at the moment is the weight of the camera because every kg up a mountain feels like an extra stone apparently.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Panasonic supplied the cameras for the Iditarod in '07.  Reports said the P2 solid-state recording help up without a glitch.


          "At one point, the cameras were exposed to the elements for five days straight, at –35 degrees and below, and they performed flawlessly. It got so cold that one of the lenses broke off a camera at the lens-mount, because the screws became metal fatigued and simply crumbled as the camera was being picked up. (And it wasn’t a heavy lens.) Yet, the cameras, the cards and the images stored on the P2 cards were not affected by the cold."


          The HPX-170 weighs in at about 5 lbs. with battery.


          You might also consider an AVCHD model, consumer versions of which will be even smaller and lighter.