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    Publishing restrictions in Trial version?


      Hi there- this question is probably very "new" of me, but here goes:


      I'm trying to create a simple interface that can be put onto a CD-ROM and opened on Mac/Windows. Before we buy the software we wanted to make sure Director will do what we want, so I downloaded the trial version. Easy enough, looks like it will work. Now, trying to Publish my document, I can only publish as .dcr, .html, and .jpg. The .app (Mac projector) and .exe (Windows Projector) format options are greyed out and unselectable. Is this because I am using the trial version? If we go ahead and purchase the software, will these options become available? Are these files necessary to run the "movie" off a CD-ROM (I'm assuming yes, but I can't test them..)?


      Thanks very much.