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    stop motion primer? (stupid newbie question)


      Hi...stupid stupid newbie question here, but hopefully simple -


      I just got Adobe Premiere Elements 9 & I am attempting to make a stop motion clip as my first project. I understand the basic principals, I have a set of images (.jpg's, 600x800) & I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good simple tutorial - I've searched the site & can't seem to find just a simple step-by-step how-to. I don't need anything fancy, just want to string my pictures together at probably eight to ten frames per second, possibly adjusting a few to run a little bit faster or slower here & there. 


      I have suggestions from the friend who suggested that Premiere would be good for this project, and that may work, but he's using an older version so he's not sure that what works on his will work on mine.


      I would spend more time digging for info and/or just hashing things out on my own, but the thing I want to make is Thanksgiving-related, I already put a good bit of time into making & shooting the model, tonight is my last chance to work on it & I'm going to be very bummed out if I can't make it work!


      Oh, yeah...I'm using Windows Vista.


      Thanks for whatever recommendations you can make!