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    Cairngorm 3. Has anyone done any videos?

    jgf1 Community Member

      I found David Tuckers videos really helpful for getting to grips with Cairngorm 2.

      By comparison, I've found the Cairngorm 3 documentation/guidelines hard to reconcile to the code, and it's harder to wrap your head around how all the pieces are working together. I'd particularly like to a good example discussed, involving the dependency injection ActionScript frameworks of Parsley and Robotlegs.

      I'd also like to see something with Pimento (the ORM bridge between Flex & Hibernate).

      Are there any comparable videos to the David Tucker ones some one can point me to?





      I later found an answer to part of this question...

      Piotr Walczyszyn (http://www.riaspace.net/) did an awesome job on Adobe Video demostrating various DI frameworks, and architectural design patterns over on Adobe TV as part of the Max 2010 Developer series. I highly recommend this to anyone.

      He compares Mate, Parsley, Robotlegs, SpringActionScript and Swiz.

      You can find the code on Github.





      Just have to find something with Parsley now! :-)


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