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    Field-level Help

    Liz C
      I am using X5 to create a windows-based Help project for a .NET application. The Help output will be a .chm file. Typically, my group provides context-sensitive (page level) Help using map ids. However, my business users are expressing an interest in field-level Help. In doing some research on RoboHelp's What's This? Help, I learned that only applications using C or C++ can use What's This? Help.

      Here are my questions:
      1. If I can't use the What's This? Help feature in RoboHelp, is there another to create field-level Help using X5??
      2. What types of maintenance issues should I be aware of?
      3. Does anyone have advice on whether it is feasible to create field-level Help?
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          We use field-level help from within our application, Liz, and we use Robo v5 for our HTML Help (output in CHM). I'm not entirely sure how the code is written because I only do the Help System (our application is currently being rewritten in Dot Net and we haven't finalized the Help for Dot Net yet). All I do in my Robo projects is put the bookmark where it needs to be. The F1 command that is passed within the application calls that bookmark. The app is currently written in Progress and the code simply calls the module/program/bookmark. As long as the bookmark I use in Robo matches what the Developer calls, the field level help works perfectly. The only problem we ever had was when the field name changed in the application and nobody told us in Documentation! As soon as I updated my bookmarks, it worked again.

          Hope this helps. If you need more info on the commands, email me directly and I'll get with the Developer to ask about the command line the code sends to call the CHM.