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    TileList drag and drop proxy problem

    wilsonsilva7 Level 1

      I'm trying to make a image gallery using a TileList with drag and drop support. I want my drag proxy to be just the red with a transparent background (only the image) and not the image with the container as you can see in this screenshot:




      But this is how it should look like:




      How can I achieve this?


      Here's the source code:



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          joan_lafferty Adobe Employee

          It looks to me like you are using a Flex Container with an Image as your itemRenderer. This isn't really a good practice since the containers are heavy and will cause you performance problems.


          If you are only displaying images, you should use Image as your itemRenderer. Then, when you drag one of the items, you won't get that container with a scrollbar. The image may still have a background and not be transparent, though.