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    DVMC-DA1 no device control-tried everything?

    LorinK2922 Level 1

      1. I've set the MPE to software only.


      2.  I found my device under the device control preferences drop down window: Sony DVMC-DA1 (firewire converter box)


      3. Under playback settings, external device is set to: "DV"  aspect ratio conversion: none


      What am I missing here?  I know this is an old box, but CS5 has it listed in its list of devices.  My computer is recognizing it when I unplug it and plug it back in. But CS5 doesn't see it at all.  I'm stumped.


      Note that Scenalyzer won't really work for what I need here.  I'm editing downloaded stock video.  I need device control to output this to a monitor when I scrub/play the timeline.