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    Acrobat does not opens a PDF in the Browser at all times



      I need to ensure Acrobat opens a PDF in the Browser at all times, and not have Reader hijack the task.  All fixes for this I have found won’t work as they render Reader inoperable. i.e. uninstalling Reader or denying users to the Reader executable AcroRd32.exe




      I have a problem with Adobe Reader and Acrobat Standard 8.2.5.  This is on a Terminal Server 2003 with 10 users.  They require both Acrobat and Reader be accessible due to specific 3rd party applications related to banking software. 



      They must open PDFs in a browser with Acrobat so they may fill the forms and save them.  Acrobat doesn’t consistently open the file; Reader hijacks the file when clicked to open and their ability to fill the forms is hindered. 

      -    Open PDF in browser is checked in Acrobat

      -    Open PDF in browser is NOT checked in Reader

      Sometimes when the Acrobat desktop icon is clicked, Reader opens instead.  Having Acrobat open in the background does help but is not consistent.


      Also uninstalling Reader from the Server is unacceptable due to a 3rd party banking application for loans.  This application is hard coded to open AcroRd32.exe within the application for opening PDFs. 


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.