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    Multiplayer game...

      Hi everyone,

      i'm planning to develop an online multiplayer game, which should communicate with the server very frequently. Almost after every click of the user, to update the data in the database on the server side.
      Now i tried this with flex 2, but its seems to me very complicated and not stable to send data via httpservice every time when a user clicks. I read somewere that these games use direct connection to the server with sockets, and on the server side there is some special flash server(i think FMS)...
      Now my question is, what language should I use for this kind of game. Flex?

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          Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

          To begin with, FLEX is not a language but a Framework, FLEX Builder (Eclipse) being the IDE you use to create the UI. MXML and ActionScript are the languages used in FLEX.

          You can very well use FLEX to implement such a game.

          You would use Adobe Live Cycle (previously Flex Data Services) in order to get instant synchronisation between the client and the server. A server-side object can be serialized and sent over to the client in binary form, which is very fast. As soon as the object is received, a callback method is called, which allows perfect sync.

          FLEX is a very stable and sturdy framework. You can rely on it.

          We are currently re-creating existing AJAX based games using a mix of FLEX 2 and Flash CS3 .