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    htmlText fields show up blank




      I am trying to load some dynamic text fields with html tags as follows:


      _root.pag.pages.page12.home.htmlText = "<font face=\"Verdana\" size=\"24\" color=\"#FFFFFF\"><b><a href=\"http://www.sspaintings.com\" target=\"_root.pag.pages.page1\">Home</a></b></font>";
      _root.pag.pages.page12.about.htmlText = "<font face=\"Verdana\" size=\"24\" color=\"#FFFFFF\"><b><a href=\"http://www.sspaintings.com\" target=\"_root.pag.pages.page2\">About</a></b></font>";


      I have rendered them as html and selectable in the properties area.

      When I test the movie the fields show up with nothing in them.


      I have also used the _root.pag.pages.page12.home.html=true; but it does not work either.


      The texfields contain nothing. Are these commands not good for As1 - Flash 6


      Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks. Samantha

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is your background white?

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            ssamuels222 Level 1



            No the background is dark grey. I also realized that the target attribute is not allowed so now I just have


            _root.pag.pages.page12.home.htmlText = "<font face='_sans' size='24' color='#FFFFFF'><b><a href='http://www.sspaintings.com'>Home</a></b></font>";
            _root.pag.pages.page12.about.htmlText = "<font face=\"_sans\" size=\"24\" color=\"#FFFFFF\"><b><a href=\"http://www.sspaintings.com\">About</a></b></font>";


            They are still not showing up.


            But my goal is really to have the target path as an html tag is this even doable?

            I would like for search engines to find the tags.



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Both your earlier version and current version work fine for me as long as I set the option in the properties panel to Render Text as HTML.  THe only thing I can imagine being off at this stage is the targeting of the textfields.  What happens if you just use .text = .... instead of .htmlText = ....?  If you still don't see anything, then chances are you have a problem in the targeting chain... _root.pag.pages.page12.


              One thing I don't think works as you intend though... I don't think rendering the text as html is going to help in any sense of SEO.  I don't know how far things have developed with Flash/SEO, but I don't think the tags are not readily visible to anything trying to read it interms of robots or spyders or whatever while its encased in a Flash file... it can't see the code.

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                ssamuels222 Level 1

                Hi Ned,


                Thanks so much for your insight. Your comment on labeling it text as opposed to htmlText was really good.

                After I did that it still did not show. I used labels from other pages that were working and re-routed them to that page and it still did not do it.

                I realized that I had created those text fields as a copy paste activity from Frontpage into Flash. (Not that I think it should matter) but that was the only difference when I created that page. The other thing was that the textfields were all grouped in a movie clip something I tried to undo and it did not work it would go back and regroup them into a movie clip. I also tried naming the instance of the movie clip and adding it to the path but to no avail.

                So I just deleted that page and started from scratch with a page that already had fields in it and slowly changed everything to what I needed and it worked.

                The path is the same except the textfields have been simplified. You can see it in www.sspaintings.com>about>sitemap.

                (Sorry for the delay you hear in the music, there is a movieclip loading in the background which is doing this but I haven't fiugre out why)


                _root.pag.pages.page12.tf_1.htmlText="<font face='_sans' size='11' color='#FFFFFF'><b><a href='http://www.sspaintings.com' target='_root.pag.pages.page1'>Home</a></b></font>";
                _root.pag.pages.page12.tf_2.htmlText = "<font face='_sans' size='11' color='#FFFFFF'><b><a href='http://www.sspaintings.com' target='_root.pag.pages.page2'>About</a></b></font>";


                Also as to you input on Flash/SEO, thanks, I suddenly realized again how closed flash is to search engines.


                Thanks so much again for your thoughts.



                PS: Can you tell me how to write the tag so that the page opens inside the window and doesn't open another window of the movie?

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I'd have to look it up to be sure (not gonna), but I think if you don't specify any target it will open the new web page in the current browser window.

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                    ssamuels222 Level 1

                    Thanks Ned. I did specify a target and still does open a new window. That's the only reason I asked because it seemed like AS1 needed something else. Thanks.