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    How to query the existing format of an image in a pdf file ? for COLOR BLIND and DISABLED PEOPLE

    dying veteran Level 1

      How to query the existing format of an image in a pdf file ?


      My expertise is not enough to determine whether this question belongs to javascript or plugin or IAC or vbscripting.


      There are vector files with images.


      How can I query the existing compression format of the image ?


      The "highlight content" and "properties" tells correctly if the Color Space = DeviceRGB but I placed a g4 black and white image which is reported as DeviceGray, so a discrepancy. Furthermore, the actual compression in the file is not reported as jpg, jpg2000, g4, packbits, lzw etc.


      Is there a small algorithm to edit the file and extract this information in a scripted form with the info such as


      page number, image lower-left and ht width coordinates, compression etc. if acrobat is incapable, please tell what pdftk or other toolkits, free tools can do.


      In the next step, I want to extract for color blind people and other disabilities :


      the images from the file and convert them into a black and white format.


      with hash or other patterns by a software that is external and


      then place the converted images back into the file to replace the original ones or have the original ones deleted prior to it.


      I have been reading the pdf spec but need help as my understanding is not very good. I think I can fix the cross reference table with some help.


      please help generously or if you wish pm or email me freely.


      Dying Vets