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    Library bitmap duplication bug


      I've been encountering a bug for about half a year now, and have yet to find an solution to it. Perhaps someone here has some insight into the problem.


      For a number of my projects, I will import a number of bitmaps into my library. As I continue to work in the project, I will almost invariably reach a point where I hit ctrl+s to save my file, and find that something has gone terribly wrong with my Flash file. The symptons are thus:


      1. Duplication of all the bitmaps in my library. They are named sequentially copy X, with X starting at 0 and going up from there (one project has about 300 copied bitmaps). Deleting one of these bitmaps usually deletes any references to that bitmap in any assets I have, so I typically keep them around. This duplication action is accompanied by a repeated noise that sounds like Windows is trying to take a forbidden action.


      2. Duplication of layers in the current movieclip I am editing. This does not stay, assuming I immediately close & reopen the file.


      3. More recently Flash has begun deleting all the layers on the main timeline as well.



      I obviously have found ways to work around this problem, thinking it only applied to my files converted from CS4, but I find this applies to my new CS5 documents as well.


      Anyone know of what may be the cause?

      Many thanks.