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    Cannot open .png file in PhotoShop Elements 9



      I am unable to open a .png file on a PC with the following dimmensions:


      Width: 4070
      Height: 32305


      I get the following error when I try to open to image file with PSE 9:


      "could not complete request because of a problem with the file-format module interface"

      The file was created on a Mac in Photoshop. However, Another employee was able to open the file on a PC in Photoshop CS.

      She received the following message when she opened the file:


      "The document Aplan_top5%_heatmap.png has an embedded color profile that does not match the RGB working space. The embedded profile will be used instead of the working one.


      Embedded Profile: Generic RGB profile


      Working Profile: sRGB Ie61966-2.1"

      Can anyone explain to me why another employee can open the .png file in Adobe Photoshop CS (way older version) and not in PSE9?

      Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.