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    I know AS3, but my job requires AS2,,, this question should be easy for AS2 peoples. =)

    Skoolbus777 Level 1

      I have to relearn AS2, haven't used it since about 7 years ago. I can't figure out event listeners in AS2 like I understand in AS3... but that's not the question.


      I have a button (actual button symbol). I want to click it and have it take me to a frame and play. Tagging objects is something I'm doing now since it's the most comprehensive way for me at the moment (whereas in AS3 I used event listeners all the time).


      When I tag the button with AS2 to take me to a frame it says I can't use the code on a button, only on a MC. Is there a workaround? I'd like to not convert it to a mc because I have a dozen of these. I'm not concerned with clean code as my work is for mockup purposes only.


      Lastly, if you could write out the code, that would be exceptional as again... I'm not well versed in AS2. Also, I'd love to be able to tell this code to take me within the same timeline to a certain frame... but even better I'd love to know how to have an object-tagged with AS2 to take me to another MC, or even to the root so I may utilize more options.


      I'd greatly appreciate your help.