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    Adobe Reader X problems opening Adobe PDF files

    skjaltd Level 1

      I have Adobe Acrobat 5.0, which I use to create PDF files.  I also was using Adobe Reader 9 to open files, especially those that could not be opened with Acrobat 5.0 and everything worked perfectly, most of the time.  I just downloaded Adobe Reader X and now, no matter what I do, I cannot open a file with Reader X; rather it keeps reopening Acrobat 5.0 even when Reader X is the one open at the time.  I have changed the folder options to open all PDF file extensions with Reader; however, it still opens with Acrobat 5.0.  How can I make this work; and if I cannot make it work, how can I get Reader 9 back again?

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          rdrXuser Level 1

          Can you please try this once.


          1. Close all the Acrobat/Reader instances running.

          2. Launch only Adobe Reader X.

          3. Go to Edit -> Preferences.

          4. Select 'General' category.

          5. Click on 'Select Default PDF Handler'.

          6. It will display a list of products in dropdown to make them default. In your case, it should be Adobe Reader X / Adobe Reader 9. (It won't list Acrobat 5.0)

          7. Select the product, the one you want to be default for opening pdf.

          8. Click 'Apply'.

          9. This will launch a wizard to do the required changes. Some changes might be applied after a system restart.

          10. Once this is done, close all the running instances of Acrobat/Reader.

          11. Double click on a pdf.

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            skjaltd Level 1

            Thank you for your response.  I will keep this for future use.  Out of frustration, I deleted Adobe Reader X and reinstalled Adobe Reader 9.4 and it is currently working.  When I have some spare time, I will try your suggestion and let you know if it works.


            The reason I use Adobe Reader is that some of the files we receive were created with a later edition of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF creator that cannot be opened with Acrobat 5.0.  Acrobat 5.0 seems to be meeting our current needs and we do not need many of the advanced features of later editions of Acrobat.  Upgrades to a newer edition at a reduced price were no longer available for us when we decided to upgrade.  We felt that the high cost of a new version was not worth it to us, since the added features were not needed.  Thus, we use Reader when necessary.


            Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


            Stuart Jacobson


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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Please know that


              1) Acrobat 5 is a security problem waiting to happen.


              2) Running Acrobat and Reader is known to cause problems and this is an unsupported software combination.

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                henry canada

                I installed adobe reader X and have a similar problem opening PDF files. I did what was suggested here and then I could open up pdf files that were on my computer. However, when I click on a pdf in a SSH SEcure File Transfer window, then I get:

                i  There was an error opening this document. Access denied.    (from Adobe Reader).

                However, if I download the file onto my computer, then I can open the file using Adobe Reader.

                Any idea what I can do?