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    Video & linked images not appearing; "View Offline" or "Web Server"

    Van Garmon Level 1

      To all FC_CS5 peeps....


      I have ran into a little bug and I have seen some older posts about this issue but I am going to ask if there are any solutions to my problem.


      I have an indepth project/program that I have made in AI CS5 that was then migrated to FC CS5. I am publishing the project in the different publish types and the AIR works great but the Upload to Web Server and Accessibility seems to have some problems.  I noticed that when I try the optimize my graphics with the "link to file" option I am not able to see those linked images or even the video that I have in the project. All works just fine with the AIR and View Offline (run-local).




      I need to get this resolved since I will eventualy be asked to provide a version for the web and I will need to make use of the link to file option.


      Any ideas would be great.


      Thanks in advance!