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    Catalyst Bugs?

    Yozef0 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a site component (basically the core) in Flash.


      I have a well layered, psd file. Just as a quick test... I noticed once imported into Catalyst...



      - The rectangle highlighter around it is much smaller than the Text inside it.

      - All Texts loose their inner shadows and effects.



      - Some Texts of the Buttons are moved (slightly downwards). In psd it's a 2 layer text + it's Button rectangle.


      Compiling Test; swf

      - I did a quick command + Enter to see the result in Flash, and the texts are worse, they loose they're Font.


      Datagrid Skinning

      Is there a way to skin the datagris, or would I have to do that in Flex, and simply add CSS it?




      Is this bigger or shouldn't it make it smaller than doing it in Flex?

      While making a generic component, say a TabBar (used to be TabNavigator) how would I go about skinning it?!


      Is Catalyst ready for live production?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Since I am not on the Engineering team, and only give you an outsider's POV.


          With regards to the text effects, there is only a subset of filters and effects supported in Catalyst. My guess is you have applied something in the PSD that does not translate. Continuing the font theme, when testing or publishing the project you need to make sure that you embed the fonts. This is done with the advanced setting option in the publish dialog. Also, Flash Catalyst only supports OpenType and TrueType fonts, so if you are using a PostScript font, that could be part of the issue.


          The Datagrid component is currently not supported within Flash Catalyst at this time. You can use the DataList, but if you want to use the actual Datagrid, you will have to use traditional skinning techniques. The same goes for the TabBar component. Flash Catalyst only supports a subset of the Spark components (and none of the older Halo components).


          As for the size question, Flash Catalyst is built for using the Flex Framework, so the file size should be the same.


          Finally, Flash Catalyst is being used in many production workflows.


          Hope this helps,