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    Problems with RH 8 and Windows 2008 64-bit servers with IIS7?


      I have been informed that my company's servers are being upgraded to Windows 2008 64-bit servers with IIS7, from Windows 2003 & IIS6. Probably will be online in April 2011.


      I have a project created using WebHelp, RoboHelp HTML v5. I have RoboHelp HTML v8 (haven't had a chance to use it yet). We are currently using IE7 on XP. Does anyone have any info on issues with RoboHelp v8 WebHelp projects running on Windows 2008 64-bit servers & IIS7 that I need to be concerned about? I thought I should convert the project developed using RH 5 to and RH 8 project, then FTP it to the new server when it becomes available.


      Any helpful info would be much appreciated.