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    Reader X IE/Firefox Toolbar Not Working

    r bd


      I have a Windows 7 Home Premium X64 PC with IE 8 and Firefox.



      I recently installed Reader X.  If I left-click on a pdf document, Reader X loads the pdf, properly displays it, and the Reader X toolbar buttons work as expected.


      If I open a PDF from an Internet site (either IE or Firefox), the document displays properly, as does the Reader X toolbar.  I can scroll the document with the arrow keys.  I can right-click on the Reader X toolbar and change the toolbar contents.  But the Reader X toolbar icons are dimmed and will not function in either IE or Firefox.



      I’ve uninstalled Reader X and reinstalled Reader 9.x.  The Reader 9.x toolbar works in both IE and Firefox.  Reinstalling Reader X causes the IE and Firefox pdf toolbars tools to once again not work.



      Any suggestions on how to get the Reader X toolbar in IE and Firefox to work?  Thanks.