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    Insane Exporting Video Loading Times With Rotobrushed Footage.


      Ok I have HD footage that is 9 seconds long and I have rotobrushed the whole sequence which is simply me on a solid background outside.


      I'm exporting in WMV format at 1280x720 high quality settings, the problem is when it starts rendering, it starts with the Roto Brush Propagating which calculates about 388 frames, then once it's finished it moves up a few more frames rendering and then starts the whole Roto Brush Propagating again with 380 or so frames. At this rate I'm looking at rendering times of like 9-12 hours till complete.


      I'm using a 4GB RAM Windows 7 Pentium Dual Core 1.60GHz


      I know not the fastest but definitely and surely I shouldn't be getting rendering times that long, I'm still very new to CS5, any advice how I can bring that rendering down?