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    Which camera renders?

    studio_3D Level 1

      I've got a couple of cameras setup (for stereo) but it took forever to figure out how to render from either camera- I put that one on top in the comp. Is that the correct way?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          from After Effects Help:

          "The active camera is the topmost camera in the Timeline panel at the current time for which the Video switch is selected. The active camera view is the point of view used for creating final output and nesting compositions. If you have not created a custom camera, then the active camera is the same as the default composition view. "

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            studio_3D Level 1

            Thanks... I have 2 custom cameras, and thought whichever one was active in the viewport was the one that would render.

            So, instead of moving one on top of the other in the stack, I can just turn off visibility for the camera I don't want to render (if it's on top).

            BTW, the eye icon in your answer (and in help) looks a lot different than the actual icon in the layers!