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    Reader X "opens" a pdf file online as a blank page. Why? Using vista.


      While opening a routine bank statement (pdf) online today, I was prompted to delete Acrobat since it was no longer working, and to go to acrobat.com. I did so (I did not download any of the acrobat versions as a financial decision). At this point I was no longer able to open the pdf file. I updated Adobe Reader to Reader X. Still no luck. I tried the repair feature. No luck. I deleted Reader X and reinstalled it. No luck. The pdf still comes up as a blank page. I tried all but the most technical fixes on the Reader help and support site. No luck. I also deleted Acrobat Air and downloaded the latest version. I'm not a whiz at this, but it doesn't take a whiz to know Reader X ain't a-workin. Online tech support with Adobe couldn't solve the proplem. What kind of product is this Reader X? Help!!!