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    Monitor configuration

    lelles Level 1

      When starting up PP in the right corner a triangel appears.

      When clicking an Event dialog box is shown  Dispay: Monitor configuration changed

      Under details: you should restart PP

      What is this and how to prevent this message to be shown.

      I have changed display card to Nvidia quoadro fx 4800  op /win7


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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          make sure you download and install the nvidia drivers rather than let Windows 7 default drivers run the card.  If you still have the problem, try trashing the

          Adobe Premiere Pro preferences and rebooting.


          hope this helps,


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            Lelles, Dennis,


            I'm having the same problem. I am also running dual monitors using an NVIDIA Quadra FX3800 on Windows 7 64-bit. Dennis, I installed the latest Nvidia drivers and trashed my preferences , but no luck. Each time I start a project I see the yellow triangle in the lower right-hand corner. When I double click it, the Events window is displayed:



            When I double click the message the following is displayed:



            I can click OK, restart Premier Pro and the triangle goes away.



            Thanks in advance for all your help!

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              Videowilk Level 1

              Hi Dennis - Can you tell us which driver should be used with the 4800 and CS5? I have had troubles with CS5 and CS4 last year, when I updated to latest drivers. I'd love to see Adobe publish the latest recommended driver versions.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I have not heard of issues with nVidia drivers for some time. There were two, IIRC, and sequential, that had some 3D extreme gamer modules enabled by default. nVidia changed the default to have the 3D Stereo-vision and the other (name escapes me now) OFF, upon installation, but gamers with the goggles, etc., could enable them, if needed. Back then, those modules could be disabled in the nVidia console, but it took awhile to figure out was was messing up many Adobe programs with those drivers.


                Now, that is not a definitive answer from Adobe, but the time frame of your issues is very close - about 1 year ago.


                Good luck,



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                  lelles Level 1


                  Try this!

                  in Nvidia control panel change monitor resolution to HD 1280X720


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                    Videowilk Level 1

                    Hi Bill - I am still having a helluva time. It seems graphic card in nature (Quadro FX4800), because of the lag in the program monitor screen updating. I can tell when "it" (the blue wheel, "Not responding" followed by the white screens) is going to happen when I click on an area of the sequence and the monitor doesn't update. I know it happens when you AltTab to another program and back, that is understandable, and for a short time. But starting yesterday, it starting happening with just about every operation on the sequence. It would hang for not 15-20 secs, but as long as 3-4 minutes before popping back, if at all. I tried updating the Nvidia driver  to the latest version and got the same result. Then I read more on the Adobe Forum and removed the Nvidia drivers and reinstalled the version I have been using since CS5 (197.90 - from May 10). What driver version do you use? This is the latest:


                    259.81 WHQL

                    Release Date: 2010.10.28   Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit



                    I opened an earlier project to work on and it seemed fine (except for the 14 hrs required to transcode an hour-long DVD in Encore -(which got me back to the Forum... to learn how to avoid 118 hour transcodes!!!)


                    So now I think it is a BCC plug-in I used in Premiere. I should use AE for those, but am much the novice in AE. I downloaded the latest BCC (7.07) and will install that.

                    I'd appreciate any advice.






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