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    Reader X is blocked when open pdf file via click on file name


      I have installed Reader X 10.0.0 ( and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro 9.4.1 (9.4.0195.) on a Desktop and a Notebook (Win XP SP3).


      In the case I click on a PDF file on both systems often (but not in any case, found no rule until yet ...) following happens:

      - Click on PDF file (in file list of TotalCommader or Copernic Desktob Search)

      - Reader X opens

      - Document area gets white (not grey).

      - Reader is blocked.

      - I cannot braek this application - reboot is necessarry in any case (costs me lots of time).


      Parallel to this behavieor I can open the same pdf document by Acrobat Pro without any problem.


      This did never happen with Reader 9.4.1 - The reason must be Reader X.

      Is this a known bug?