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    NetGroup.post vs sendToAllNeighbour + routing

    oohazard7 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I was just wanderring reading http://www.flashrealtime.com/directed-routing-explained-flash-p2p/

      whether a sendToAllNeighbour + routing is equiavlent to post() ?


      What I mean by sentToAllNeighbour + routing is that the peer who want to send a message to all peers, send first to all its neighbour and then each of these neighbour send to all of their own neighbours... until it reaches the destination.


      I though this is how netGroup.post was actually implemented but since the article (link above) does not mention this equivalence I wander whether it is actually implemented that way.


      If not how netGroup.post() is implemented?


      Thank you all for your answers.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          that isn't how NetGroup.post() works.


          posting works similarly to the pull mode of the multicast system.  when you post a message, or receive a posting from a neighbor that you had not seen before, you begin telling your neighbors (but not all at once) that you have that message by sending an abbreviation of its message ID (a hash of the message).  for each member of the group, shortly after it learns of a new message that it hasn't seen before, it will request the message from one of the neighbors that announced it.  the timers that govern the announcement interval and fetch hold-down are tuned to keep propagation delay low while minimizing overhead traffic and keeping the distribution traffic as fair/even as possible.