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    No compatibility with windows version


      The Mac Beta trial of Audition doesn't work with projects made in the Windows version of the program.  It would be really useful if they were compatible.

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          I second this idea. I love audition, and I've been waiting with baited breath for the mac beta to see how it would work- I would love to use some of my old 3.0 windows sessions to figure things out. My other pet peeve so far is the lack of a metronome. how can one not have a metronome when recording?

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            Audition for the Mac can currently import Audition 3.0 XML sessions, at least so far as parameters that have a 1:1 mapping correlation between versions (crossfades, some parameter automation, EQ, etc.)    I hope to make more information available with regards to support for older versions and session formats at a later time.

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              andyrobinson01 Level 1

              Ok I'll try that next time I use a Windows version.


              It would also be really useful if there was a way you could copy and paste regions just by dragging them to where you want them whilst holding the alt key as is possible in all other DAW's i've ever used.  All in all I think that more key commands should be created for Audition.  It speeds up and improves work and just makes using the software a lot easier.